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I develop and ideate using my strengths from my fine arts background; I am able to design keeping an open-mind both conceptually and materially. 

Considering my experiences in making academic theory meld into clothing, I similarly let the research lead into the design. This process of detailed research, conceptual narratives, and empathetic story lines are part of my core ethos when it comes to the design process. 

Clean desk with Dell display mockup (Mockuuups Studio).png
Clean desk with Dell display mockup (Mockuuups Studio).png


Microsoft  Places


Microsoft Hackathon via BrainStation. 

Microsoft Places is an interactive Microsoft Teams extension which supports team growth, interaction, and camaraderie by setting up prompts which generate discussion. 


These discussions serve as fruitful dialogues to allow teams to meet in a virtual third place to discuss and share ideas outside of a traditional online meeting platform.  

Fashion Revolution Cover Page.png

Fashion Revolution 


Presenting a redesign of the Fashion Revolution website to include a new donation flow and source for donating used clothing. 

In designing this new checkout flow, we were able to provide people with the tools they need to stay informed about fashion and their ethical ramifications, but also to take initiative when clearing out closets which is a contributor of fashion waste. 

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