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An Innovation in Transgender Healthcare


Principal UX Designer and Researcher

In searching for different ideas to take on for my final capstone project for my UX design diploma program I had decided to veer towards the area of transgender healthcare. I wanted to focus on the difficulties transgender women have finding different providers, accessing reliable resources for surgeries and surgeons, and finally build networks within the trans community. 


I began to think about developing a problem space to accurately frame this issue and develop a research plan to tackle this space. From using my knowledge of the subject and after speaking to people in the trans femme community I had formulated a problem space:

“There are not many options available for trans women to gain resources on health-care providers or surgeons in California. Most trans women find it difficult to not only locate a provider in their network, but to also be able to see that provider within an appropriate amount of time. Even when finding a surgeon it is difficult to connect with a community of trans women who have undergone similar procedures.”

I had found that there is significant difficulty in finding a provider, surgeon, or doctor for many trans women. This is true especially in preparation for surgery. I have understood that there is room for a technological intervention in this space. My goal is to provide accurate, accessible, and community-driven information to my users.

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